Guest Assist


The More You Show, The More They Know

Letting your guests know about your Guest Assist service is important. With GuestAssist your guests can contact you anytime with questions, concerns, security issues and more. GuestAssist will provide customer satisfaction - even if they do not need to use it.

Fixed signage

Fixed Signage (Large and small, stickers, etc.)

Use fixed signage throughout your facility to invite your guests to text your GuestAssist program. We suggest you use an image of a mobile phone, your keyword and the text to call-number.

Tips for Display

  • Use an easy to spell keyword
  • Use an image of a mobile phone


Print (tickets, programs, schedules, etc.)

Display your GuestAssist program throughout your printed collateral, including tickets, programs, schedules, brochures and flyers. Every touch-point with you customer should show you are providing them with a GuestAssist program so that they can communicate with you when needed.

Tips for Display

  • Display the text-to call number clearly
  • Minimize graphics so that focus is on the keyword & number


Big Screen Images/Videos/PSAs

Rotate your GuestAssist program call throughout your digital imaging, including on-site screens, web banners, videos and PSAs. The more your guests see the call-to-action, the more they know they are valued.

Tips for Display

  • Repeat - repeat - repeat
  • Location - location - location -- the more you display your GuestAssist program the more your guests will know you care